Swami Medhanandaji, is the Pradhan Acharya at Kailash Brahmavidya Peeth, Rishikesh. He is a disciple of Brahmaleen Mahamandaleshvar Swami Vidyananadaji Maharaj, the 10th pontiff of Kailash Ashram. He has been teaching Vedanta to both monks and lay students for over four decades. He has presided over several of the Bhashya Parayananjali programs conducted by the Adi Shankara Brahma-vidya Peeth.

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Pranavchaitanya Puriji, is the head of Paramartha Sadhana Sangh, Varanasi. He is a leading Acharya in Varanasi and both a scholar and teacher of Vedanta who has authored numerous insightful articles and books on the subject for both beginners and advanced students. These especially address the contemporary questions and issues in Vedanta.

Swami Satchidananda Giri, is the head of Koteshwar Ashram, Uttarkashi which was managing Somashram prior to the establishment of the Adi Shankara Brahma-vidya Peeth. His guidance and help facilitated the transformation of Somashram in to a Brahmavidya Peeth.

Swami KamaleshanandaSaraswati, is a senior Acharya at DivyaDham, Uttarkashi and is well-known in Uttarakhand for his discourses on Vedanta and Puranas. He runs several charitable institutions including ashrams, schools and colleges in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.