Bhashya Parayanam

Recitation of commentaries of Adi Shankaracharya on the major texts is one of the important activities undertaken by the Adi Shankara Brahma Vidya Peeth to keep the age old Bhashya Parayananjali tradition alive. With the changing times, while the recitation of Puranas and other texts has gained popularity, the original Vedantic commentaries have taken a back seat. This is an effort in the direction to revive the interest and reiterate the importance of Bhasya Parayana as an effective medium to reaffirm one’s commitment to Vedanta Sadhana.

Bhashya Parayanam is beneficial for Acharya and students alike. For the former it helps in clear remembrance, clarity of understanding and abidance in the truth of these scriptural texts. For the latter, it is a valuable tool to revise and recap the already received knowledge.

Even for beginners it acts as an entry point into Vedantic study as the words stay in memory which eventually makes the understanding clear.

The Bhashya Parayanam programme is held every year in different locations under the guidance of our Acharya Haribrahmedrananda Teertha ji. The literature is also available at the venue for those interested.