Maintaining the Gurukula tradition since 1910, there are regular classes at the Peeth on Vedanta, vyakarana and prakarana granthas of Darshana shastras, taught to ascetics seeking sannnyasa and to full time brahmacharis. The teaching, in the Kailasa tradition, is under the loving guidance of a team of three acharyas of the Peeth, committed to reviving and disseminating the timeless spiritual essence of Sanatana Dharma.
These classes start at 7am and go on till 5pm with breaks in between. Essentially there are around 5-6 hours of classes which are attended by the resident students as well as seekers coming from other Ashrams and places.
The day starts with Bhashya Paranayam and ends with evening Arati at the Shankara Hall. For details on the subjects and pathyakrama, please click this link.

Vidyashankari: This is an educational/medical aid project started by the Peeth in the aftermath of 2013 floods. After the floods the Peeth trust organised relief material for the flood affected families and Sadhus. Since the education of the children residing in the area was affected, the trust decided to help them by sponsoring their education with the help of generous donors. There are about 50 children who are getting educational aid from the trust. The Peeth trust is also supporting Kashika, an organisation aimed at facilitating better education for Himalayan kids, in its efforts.

Publication of Complete works of Adi Shankaracharya: The Vidyapeeth is supporting Arsha Vidya Prathishtanam, Kerala for avery special academic project called the “Sri Sankara Sarasvata Sarvasvam”. This project involves preparing and publishing the entire available 155 books ascribed to Adi Shankaracharya. These will be brought out in 18 volumes in different languages. In 2016, the first set of 5 volumes in Malayalam was brought out and the work is on for the remaining ones. This project is carried out under the guidance of our resident Acharya Swami Haribrahmendrananda Teertha ji. For more information on the project, you can visit


1. Classes at the Peeth are open to all on prior permission from the Acharyas. A valid ID proof for name, date of birth and address will be required. Interested students can contact the Peeth office.
2. The books required for studies are provided by the Peeth.
3. Meeting with our Acharyas for sincere spiritual discussion can be organised on prior permission from office or the Acharyas.
4. The Peeth doesn’t provide accommodation to outstation students. However, we can provide guidance and support in finding accommodation.
5. The Peeth provides access to private collection of books on prior permission. Interested students can check with the Acharyas for the same.

  • Study, Sadhana and Selfless Service (Nishkaama Seva) are the duties of a Brahmachari.
  • Jijnasa, Mumukshuttva and Samarpanam (complete dedication), are the three basic qualifications for a student of this Peeth.
  • The sessions would be mainly in Sanskrit and Hindi. However in special cases other regional languages or English will be used.
  • Along with the services prescribed by the shaastras, the Brahmacharis are expected to offer their services for the Peeth, as advised by the Acharyas.
  • Other than appreciation and blessings, no certificate or any other documents, for any kind of official or legal purposes, will be issued to the students at Samaavartana , the completion of studies.
  • By the guidance of senior Acharyas, senior students can teach classes and guide the beginners.
  • If the Brahmachari is absent for a long time without informing the Acharya, the Acharya can ask him to discontinue the classes.
  • Before joining any of the classes, one should properly introduce himself to the Acharya, and attend the classes as per his directions.
  • If a student takes a text book from the library, he should not write anything in it other than marking printing errors or corrections, as directed by the Acharya. It is recommended to keep a separate book for personal notes.
  • The students and residents should not use any kind of intoxicants and should also avoid food from local restaurants, tea shops etc.
  • If the seeker has already been learning some of the subjects prescribed in the schedule from other institutions or Ashrams, then he can join the advanced classes with the permission of Acharya.
  • The Acharyas have the freedom to teach any of the text, listed or unlisted, as per the requirement, or as they deem fit.
  • The Brahmacharis should participate whole heartedly in general activities, chanting or discussions held in the Peeth and all the special events celebrated.
  • The initiated Brahmacharis are advised to take Bhiksha once a day from the outside kshetras at least for a year as a part of traditional Sadhana for purification.
  • Apart from their regular sadhana, svadhyaya and Ashram seva, the beginners are advised to attend only 2 hours of class daily, as they require more time for self-study and revisions.

Our in-house library, Saraswati Mandir, has a collection of over 2000 books and a number of original manuscripts. These books are available in Sanskrit, Hindi, English and many other Indian languages.

The library provides a space for the students at the Vidya Peeth to study. We have plans of opening it to the public on a membership basis in future.

The Vidya Peeth plans to have the audio-visual facility in the library and to also have a digital library consisting of talks and lectures by the Acharyas and other teachers. A special facility to store the original manuscripts is also in the pipeline.

Apart from this, Saraswati Mandir will also serve as an in-house publishing facility for the Vidya Peeth and as a place for research scholars for their study.